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Terms and conditions


Welcome to the website of Venus in Jewels (or “we”) www.venusinjewels.com  (hereafter designated the “Site”). This Site is operated by Venus in Jewels from its offices located in Romania. We invite you to read carefully the terms and conditions of sale and use of the Site because they constitute a contract between you and Venus in Jewels. These terms and conditions govern your use of the Site, define the terms, conditions and procedures applicable to your orders, exempt Venus in Jewels of responsibility, or limit it, and contain other provisions you need to be aware of before using the Site.

If you do not understand any of the terms and conditions set forth herein, we invite you to contact our Customer Services by e-mail by clicking on the following link: www.venusinjewels.com/contact  or by phoning our phone number or by contacting a legal adviser of your choice in order to confirm your understanding, before placing your orders. By placing an order, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

By using this Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and declare that you accept and are bound by them.

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1. Eligibility

Unless indicated otherwise, the content of this Site is presented for the promotion of Venus in Jewels products available in Romania and the EU. It is your responsibility to determine if you can legally use this Site and you agree to comply with all applicable laws.

Venus in Jewels can make deliveries for customers outside the EU, including in the U.S., United Kingdom and Russia. Please consult our shipping policy for the full conditions of shipping outside the EU list of these sites and contact us for more information on the following link www.venusinjewels.com/contact

2. Changes

  • To these terms and conditions. Venus in Jewels may, from time to time, at its sole discretion, modify these terms and conditions, without prior notice. Therefore, we invite you to consult and periodically review these terms and conditions. The legend that appears at the bottom of this page will help you determine the date on which the last modification was made and its nature. Any change to the present terms and conditions will be in force as soon as it is displayed on our Site. By continuing to use the Site, provide us with personal information or place orders, you confirm that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as amended.
  • To the Site and its content. Venus in Jewels reserves the right to change or remove, without prior notice, any part of the content of this Site, including any offer, promotion, price, cost, product description or product. Venus in Jewels reserves the right to reject, correct, cancel or terminate any order, including orders accepted, for whatever reason and to limit the quantities of products and services available for sale. Venus in Jewels will not be liable for any damage arising from the exercise of rights conferred on it by this clause.

3. Restriction on the Use of the Site

  • Intellectual property. The Site, including its content, graphic elements, icons, presentation, arrangement, images, texts, photographs, audio and video tapes and any other item either available or appearing on this Site are the property of Venus in Jewels. This site is protected by Romanian and European Union intellectual property laws. The Site and its content may not, in whole or in part, be modified, reproduced, distributed, copied, adapted or otherwise exploited. However, you may, for your personal use, print pages of the Site, the privacy policy, and also these terms and conditions. You are not authorized to create links, hyperlinks or to make cross-references on our Site, unless you have obtained prior written authorization from Venus in Jewels. All names, trademarks, logos and other identifiers appearing on the Site belong to Venus in Jewels or are used by Venus in Jewels under licence and belong to their respective owners. Any use of names, trademarks, logos and other identifiers appearing on the Site is strictly prohibited.
  • Limited use. The Site and its content is at your disposal for your legitimate, personal and non-commercial use. Our products are intended to be sold only through our distribution networks. Therefore, the sale, purchase and gift of our products for the purposes of resale by any other means of distribution, including the Internet, are strictly prohibited. Any infringement of these terms and conditions could incur your civil and criminal liability, if applicable.

4. Limitation of Liability and Warranty

  • Site, content and products. Venus in Jewels makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content and information provided on this Site. However, it is possible that printing faults, errors, inaccuracies, omissions or other types of mistakes may occur from time to time. Hence, when this occurs, Venus in Jewels displays on this Site a notice entitled “Erratum” to inform you of and correct, as far as possible, information that is incorrect or missing. However, the Site and the elements that it contains (including the products offered) are provided ‘as is’, without any implicit or explicit warranty. Subject to any public order provisions to the contrary, Venus in Jewels disclaims all responsibility and gives no guarantee (particularly with respect to the availability, merchantability or fitness of a product for a particular need or purpose) regarding the Site and its content, and also any product or service displayed on this Site. In addition, Venus in Jewels does not guarantee that access to its Site will be uninterrupted, that no fault, error, omission, loss of information transmitted may arise and that no computer virus may be transmitted in the use of its Site. In addition, Venus in Jewels cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for damages of any kind whatsoever, arising from (1) the use of this Site, its products or any information displayed or otherwise communicated on this Site or (2) resulting from any failure, error, omission, interruption of services, communication failure, transmission delay, default, theft or modification of this Site.
  • External Links. Venus in Jewels may on occasion include on the Site links or references to other websites operated either by third parties or by members of the corporate family of Venus in Jewels. All these other sites are independent of Venus in Jewels and Venus in Jewels is in no way responsible for them, their accuracy, or their products and content. Venus in Jewels cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied by any product, service or information obtained through these external sites. Access to these other sites is at your own risk and peril. Venus in Jewels cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage resulting from your use of or access to these sites.

5. Your Information and Your Account

  • Personal Information. Your privacy is very important to Venus in Jewels and our customers’ trust remains our priority. For this purpose, we have developed a privacy policy (hereinafter “Policy”) and have put in place safety measures and practices. We invite you to read this Policy carefully. It has been prepared for the purpose of asserting our commitment to protect the confidentiality of information we hold about our clients and to inform you of our practices with regard to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that you provide to Venus in Jewels. This Policy applies each time you provide us with personal information, in particular when filling out a purchase order, online questionnaire, competition entry coupon, subscribing to our newsletter, by telephone or online through our Website, or at any other time Venus in Jewels collects, uses, discloses or keeps your personal information. It is very important that any information you provide to Venus in Jewels is true, accurate, up to date and complete, because Venus in Jewels relies on the information that you provide. You are entirely responsible for updating all information about yourself within thirty (30) days of any change. You may notify us of any modification or change by contacting us on our phone number or by e-mail using the following link http://venusinjewels.com  We advise you that you will be solely responsible for any loss, damage or additional cost applicable to an order resulting from any false, incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect information that you provided or from the failure to update your account, payment method or personal information.
  • Account. When you create a Venus in Jewels account, you must complete your personal record form and choose a password. Please be advised that you are fully responsible for the security of your password and any use made of your account, including all fees, charges, taxes and all other obligations, financial or otherwise. You thus agree to preserve the confidentiality of your access code at all times. You will not allow any other person to use your account and you will ensure that any use of your account complies with these terms and conditions. You agree to notify Venus in Jewels Customer Services without delay of the loss or theft of your password by phoning our phone number. If applicable, your password will be immediately cancelled, and your identity and account verified. You can then choose a new password. Venus in Jewels reserves the right, without liability, to close an account or refuse the reopening of an account of a client who does not abide by these terms and conditions.

6. Authenticity

  • All Venus in Jewels jewelry products are marked by an authenticity stamp. Original Venus in Jewels jewelry is stamped with the VJ liability mark, the ANPC authenticity mark, and the precious material title mark: 585 for 14k gold, 750 for 18k gold and 925 for silver.
  • The photos and jewelry on the site are for presentation purposes. The jewelry you will order will be made especially for you.

7. Pricing and ordering

  • The price displayed on the Venusinjewels.com website is expressed in EUR. For transport details please check our Shipping & Return section. In case of applying a discount, the displayed prices can change, as well as when the exchange rate variations are considerable or the price of the precious material increases. If the price of one is accidentally listed as zero, Venusinjewels.com is not obliged to deliver that product at that price, this being considered a technical error.
  • You can place the order by phone at 0733022265 or online by filling out the registration form. For invoicing and delivery of the product it is very important to properly fill in the information and your contact details requested in the registration form. Venusinjewels.com guarantees that your personal data is not alienated to other third parties. To order online, act as follows:

 – create user account

 – log in to your personal account
– add the desired product to the shopping cart (pay attention to the choice of color, size and material

 – fill in the invoicing and delivery data

 – click the Order button.


Venus in Jewels jewelry can be purchased in the following ways: 

 – Online payment by card.

 – Cash on delivery. Cash is paid upon delivery of the product by Urgent Cargus SRL

 – Payment of an advance. In the case of personalized jewelry or orders that exceed the amount of 300 EUR, Venus in Jewels reserves the right to charge an advance of up to 70% of their value.

8. Contract

  • The contract between Venus in Jewels and the buyer is governed by Romanian law. Any misunderstanding is resolved amicably. In case of impossibility to resolve the disagreement amicably, the situation will be managed by the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, according to their regulations.