Authenticity stamp stamped on Venus in Jewels jewelry


 The original Venus in Jewels jewellery is stamped with the VJ liability mark, the ANPC authenticity mark, and the precious material title mark: 585 for 14k gold, 750 for 18k gold and 925 for silver.


 The displayed price


 The price displayed on the website is expressed in EUR. For transport details please check our  Shipping & Return section. In case of applying a discount, the displayed prices can change, as well as when the exchange rate variations are considerable or the price of the precious material increases. If the price of one is accidentally listed as zero, is not obliged to deliver that product at that price, this being considered a technical error.


 How do I place the order


 You can place the order by phone at 0733022265 or online by filling out the registration form. For invoicing and delivery of the product it is very important to properly fill in the information and your contact details requested in the registration form. guarantees that your personal data is not alienated to other third parties. To order online, act as follows:


- create user account


- log in to your personal account


- add the desired product in the personal basket (pay attention to the choice of color, size and material


- fill in the invoicing and delivery data


- click the Order button.


 How do I pay for the order


 Venus in Jewels jewelry can be paid in the following ways:


 Online payment by card.


 Cash on delivery. Cash is paid upon delivery of the product by Urgent Cargus SRL


 Payment of an advance


 In the case of personalized jewelry or orders that exceed the amount of 300 EUR, Venus in Jewels reserves the right to charge an advance of up to 70% of their value.


 The contract between Venus in Jewels and the buyer is governed by Romanian law. Any misunderstanding is resolved amicably. In case of impossibility to resolve the disagreement amicably, the situation will be managed by the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, according to their regulations.




All information on the site graphics, design, images, texts, photographs, are the property of Venus in Jewels, and copying, republishing, reproduction, distribution, modification of content, information, materials and data on the site is strictly prohibited in the absence of the written consent of Venus in Jewels representative.


Jewelry on the site


We inform you that the photos and jewelry on the site are for presentation purposes. The jewelry you will order will be made especially for you.




For complaints you can contact us at the e-mail address


As soon as possible, the Venus in Jewels team will do everything possible to resolve your complaints.