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Size Guide

How to measure your finger

To find out the size of the ring that suits you, you can proceed as follows:

 -take a piece of paper or cardboard (not thicker than 1mm) with a width of 2-4 mm,

wrap it around your finger then mark the circumference of your finger with a pen on paper / cardboard tape.

Measure the length of the paper with a ruler graduated in millimeters to the mark. The length just measured is the measure of the ring you find in the table below.

-measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits you on the desired finger then consult the size chart below.

-the safest choice is to measure your finger at the nearest jewelry workshop.


Make sure the paper tape passes easily over your finger joint.

To avoid incorrect size readings, we suggest you measure twice.

We also recommend that you measure your finger both in the morning and in the evening,

 As there may be differences of 1, 2 or even 3 sizes depending on your daytime activity,
or temperature difference.