Venus in jewels offers users the right to safe online browsing and protects the right to image and privacy for the protection of your personal life. Thus, we make known to you the purposes for which certain personal information is requested of you, and we ensure that this information is used exclusively for the purpose presented at the request of those data.


Information note on the protection of personal data

According to Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and of Law 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, Venus in Jewels has the obligation to manage the personal data you provide us about yourself safely and only for the specified purposes.


The goal

In order to purchase online products and services by Venus in jewels users, it is necessary to collect personal data.


Obligation to provide data

Customers are obliged to send us personal data, which are necessary for us to provide them with the products and services offered by Venus in Jewels. The refusal to transmit the data makes Venus in Jewels impossible to deliver the requested services.


The destination of personal data

The data registered on are used by the operator and can be transmitted only to the following parties: public authorities - in case of judicial or administrative acts, agents who deliver the goods, in case you purchase products.


Your rights

I confirm Law no. 667/2001, you have the right to access and modify data, the right to go to court, the right to oppose or the right not to be subject to an individual decision. You have the right to delete the data. In case of violation of these rights, address a written request, dated and signed, to the email address


General data collected by Venus in Jewels

In certain parts of the site you will be required to provide personal data: your name, telephone number, address, e-mail. This information is required for the invoicing of purchased Venus in Jewels products. processes personal information in order to identify a specific person when you register on the site, when you create an account, if you access certain products or by activating advertising or promotional materials.


Your accounts on Venus in jewels

To create an account on you must fill in data such as name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address. When purchasing the products online, you will also have to fill in the necessary data for invoicing per individual or legal entity depending on your status. For individual clients, the address from the identity card and the CNP will be filled in. If you want to ask us questions about products or services you will have to provide us with your e-mail, telephone number and your first and last name. This information will not be displayed on the Venus in jewels website.


Collection and use of personal data by Venus in jewels

In order to improve our site and to increase the quality of the services and products offered, we use information such as your personal data, demographic, technical or collective data.


At the time of registration in the account you have given your consent to the use of personal data to be informed about the updating of the website, additional information that comes to your interest, newsletters with useful information. The use of this personal data by is made according to the legal regulations in force regarding the protection of persons, the free circulation of data and their processing.


Transmission of personal data

Venus in jewels may transmit your personal data to third parties in the following cases:


with your consent.

In case of delivery of the products purchased by you, we will send the contact details to the courier agencies that will deliver the order.

If the improvement, ease or realization of your products requires the involvement of the company's partners. The partner companies have the right to use your data distributed by only in the case of assistance in providing the services requested by you.

According to the legal provisions or in good faith, we can deliver personal information to public institutions and authorities if:


a) is provided in a legal provision.


b) protects national security or prevents a crime.


c) protects the rights of NomadWinds S.R.L.


d) these data are useful for solving different situations.


e) defends public and individual safety.


If your actions contravene the instructions for use of certain services and products, or the terms and conditions mentioned by Venus in jewels

If Venus in Jewels is partially or totally acquired by another company or merges the database is sent to the new operator. In case of insolvency, through the administrator, the buyer or the liquidator, the database can be authorized, traded, sold only through the court. If there will be situations from the ones mentioned above, we will make an announcement on the Venus in Jewels website or you will receive an e-mail.



The right to delete your data

Venus in Jewels gives you the right to change the contact details you have registered. You can also ask the operator to delete your data at any time.


Data security

The security and confidentiality of Venus in Jewels account data are protected by a password and username. The databases are stored on a secure server being accessed with a password. The employees who have access to the database have signed the agreement to comply with the legal provisions.



To streamline traffic on the website, we use "cookies". These are small files that are placed by the browser on the user's hard drive making it possible to memorize the username, password and to customize the pages according to the preferences of visitors. In your browser you have the option to block these cookies.


Changes to the privacy policy

If a change in privacy policy is required, we will post that change on this page. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy you can write to us at


Thank you for using Venus in Jewels products !